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Uexport - Your Business Partner

We are based in France and help you to develop your business in Europe.

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Develop your business in France

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We Speak French - Based in Paris

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What We do

Uexport offers an outsourced export service focused on Europe

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A low cost phased approach.


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'Why You Should be Looking to do Business in France

In this video John discusses why now is a better time than ever to bring your product to the French market. He talks about:

· Why the time is right to do business in France

· Selling in the French Market

· Pitching a product in France

· The French economy and how it suits Irish business

· Why your product or service may well be competitive in France

· How Uexport will help you


Drinks Distribution in France – Fíor Uisce. The Beginning

It’s been a learning experience over the last 12 months since we launched Fíor Uisce in Paris with our…


Bringing Fíor, a Premium Irish Water, to France

Fíor Uisce, or Fíor as it’s known in France, is a premium Irish water from Co. Mayo in Ireland….